So as much as it pained me to do so, I left Stefano's place on the ballot blank. On my way into the polling place I was approached by Stefano's poll worker, who just happened to be the same guy I spoke with over the phone about HB2060 earlier this year.

Again, he denied there was any change to current law, which would lead me to ask: why did we pass the bill?

Again, when questioned about the 24 hour period to relinquish your guns after a PFA is put into place, I was told that was incorrect.

I was again told this bill provides for due process.

Here's to hoping for a good primary candidate!

Meanwhile, Stefano knows I did not vote for him because of his vote on HB2060, and he also knows I voted for Ryan Warner because Warner voted against HB2060.

If there is a primary candidate looking for campaign volunteers in the future, let me know. I would also be down for looking into a booth at the Fayette County Fair and educating the public on their PA gun rights, elected officials, and their voting records.