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    Quote Originally Posted by mikelets456 View Post
    I didn't know what to expect regarding state races. Heck, I was thinking to myself.. "okay, 6 good years in pa after moving from NJ, I wish it was at least 10". I didn't know honestly what would happen but I told my wife, get used to the putz Wolf and Casey is like the Kennedy of MA here in PA. The senate held 29 seats which was a tad better than I expected and the house lost about 10 which expected after having record gains. The next election could be a different story and end up splitting the senate unless the dems really screw things up... Which I expect they will.

    Next question is will the PA Republicans stand firm on constitutional principals.
    I understand how you feel, I came from Brooklyn to PA in 2006 so I had 12 good years so far. The thing is I am here regardless if I like the way things are going or not because I have my father here plus friends both here and back in the city. Not to mention my job. In another 30-35 years I may be able to leave once I am done working but until then, I am here regardless if we remain free or go the way of NY/NJ. However, once I retire, I am considering moving to Wyoming because I want to live in a low population area where I can get a lot of land for cheap. I really want to have my own private shooting range far enough away where people won't complain. Plus Wyoming is one of the few states that doesn't have a large liberal city in it that tries to dictate the rules for the remainder of the state. We only maintain our rights in PA because so many of the residents own guns and because so many of us fight the liberals to protect our rights. I hate that I have to constantly fight to just maintain my rights and when I get older, I don't want to be fighting these people constantly.

    With the said, I think were safe on the state level for a long time to come. Even if they get the governor seat, it's not enough to destroy our rights. Our state is thankfully setup to protect us from the liberal cities dictating how the whole state is ran. If we continue to fight and hold our elected officials responsible, I think we can maintain our rights far into the future.
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    Default Re: ELECTION TODAY, POLLS CLOSE 8PM, PROTECT YOUR RIGHT TO OWN A GUN, GO VOTE! daughter and I voted on provisional ballots in the last election.

    Today, Nov. 16th., we received a notice that the ballots were being challenged, and a hearing would be held in Media.

    The letter was typed on Nov. 14th, postmarked Nov, 15th. and delivered Nov. the 16th at 4:30 pm.
    It informed us of the hearing that would be held on.
    NOVEMBER 16th at 4:00.
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