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    Default Installing new muzzle device on AR15

    Good evening gentlemen, just a quick question or two about installing a new muzzle device.

    I recently purchased a VG6 Gamma muzzlde brake, and I'd like to replace my A2 birdcage with it. Do I need some type of device to brace the upper receiver in/on? I don't want to potentially screw up the receiver or the barrel but just holding it between my legs and torquing the new device on. The youtube videos and forum posts I've seen so far seem kind of all over the place.
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    Default Re: Installing new muzzle device on AR15

    When I did mine. I put a block of wood in a vise. And the upper over the block. If that makes sense. Then removed the bird cage. Shouldn't take much pressure to remove. I think mine was like 20 some ft pounds if I remember correctly.

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    Default Re: Installing new muzzle device on AR15

    You could just put in a vise (agree with above about a block of wood)...if you're gonna work on ARs more than just this one time...

    (Uncheck "Firearms Only" in the search results to see the links/prices)

    Magpul BEV Block is what I've always used whether it's a new build, re-barrel, or muzzle device change, etc.

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    Default Re: Installing new muzzle device on AR15

    The right way to do it is to hold the upper with a proper clamp designed for that purpose or a reaction rod.
    After removal, degrease threads and new muzzle device with acetone. Index the device and secure with Rockset at the manufacturer's torque setting- if there is one.
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    Default Re: Installing new muzzle device on AR15

    Muzzle devices that direct gasses usually either need to be indexed, or look better indexed. Most employ a crush washer which is basically a one-time use. I prefer a lock nut and may I suggest looking into it, depending on the device in mind.

    I returned a muzzle brake advertised/represented as being for a 6.5 Creedmoor. It had an exit hole that measured .355". My understanding is a brake should be no more than .020" clearance of the bullet diameter to be truly effective. That's a tolerance that suggests the installation be performed by a gunsmith. If not centered, it can affect the flight of the bullet at departure, or worse case create bullet strike.

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