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    Default Re: Open Carry at the Polling Place

    I am not allowed to have weapons of any sort at work.. life choice..

    So I always Vote after work.. I meet the wife.. I put on my best open carry holster my USA Flag hat and off we go to vote.. get some icy stares from the lefty grandma taking names.. oh and I INSIST on presenting photo ID
    Been doing it this way for the past few years.. never had a question, had a few people thank me for open carry and last year while looking at the bake sale I saw 3 others
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    Default Re: Open Carry at the Polling Place

    Quote Originally Posted by SigForLife View Post
    Here's my most recent article on the issue -
    Thanks for this.

    My polling location is a high school. Could you clarify the legality of carrying a firearm, openly or concealed, in a school for purposes of voting. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Open Carry at the Polling Place

    Great article

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