Pistol Accuracy Course Is Back! November 3rd, 9:00am to 2:00pm
Limited Seats Available! This is a hands-on course focused all on the range.

DESCRIPTION: Basic introduction to safety, handling, & accuracy with a pistol/ revolver.

TOPICS COVERED: Safety & handling your firearm, Anticipation, Milking, Trigger reset (marksmanship vs speed/stress), -Standard response drills

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Modern serviceable pistol/revolver in good working condition, Minimum 350 rounds, Eye protection & hearing protection, Firearm must be in a proper case, bag, or holstered on your body, (trigger guard must be covered), Recommended note taking gear & an open mind.

$149 Limited to 12 Students (1 Instructor per 4 students)

To watch the video for the course, visit our video section https://www.guardiantrainingcenter.com/videos
pistol 1 still.jpg