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    Default 1911 Sear Spring

    I recently replaced the sear spring in my S&W E Series 1911. The old one was not strong enough to return the grip safety, and I used a Wolf Spring. I am getting an intermittent excessively heavy trigger pull or a condition where the trigger will not pull with any amount of force applied at all. It only seems to happen when live firing the gun, and I have not been able to duplicate it dry firing. Does anyone have any thoughts what could be happening with a new sear spring to cause this? At times I can get through a full mag or two with no problems, and others, I can't even get through one mag without multiple occurrences of this. Thanks!


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    Default Re: 1911 Sear Spring

    Check for a bur on the sear spring leaf. Also check to see if the particular leaf that impinges on the trigger bar is too long or wide and maybe interfering with neighboring parts. Also, the center sear spring leaf end digging in the disconnector bevel. Look for rub marks on the strut, grip safety, and back of the leaf. Also a loose over-travel screw. Also check that the disco isnt interferring with the frame now.
    I'm only here for the wood c-rings.

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