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    Default Re: Couldn't chamber a P08 by toggle-release

    I've had my BYF-41 since 1995. The funny thing is that many say they are ammo sensitive, unreliable, etc. Mine has NEVER had a stoppage, and I shoot my reloads, FMJ, hollow points, leads, etc. It shoots EVERYTHING. The accuracy is excellent, and it is fun to shoot. A unique firearm that I would not hesitate to use for SD purposes. It gets more attention at the range than any other gun.

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    Default Re: Couldn't chamber a P08 by toggle-release

    When I first got mine , I did what I always do whenever I buy any old auto-pistol I plan to shoot and changed out the springs for a Wolff service-pak. But now mine was totally unreliable , jamming every other round.
    An inspection showed a bent magazine feed lip. Another $150 genuine era-correct mag fixed the feeding , but some ammo did still give problems using 115gr US/SAAMI-spec ammo. Fresh 9mm Euro/CIP or NATO spec (124gr FMJ) ammo and a new Mec-Gar mag and it's now totally reliable.
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    Default Re: Couldn't chamber a P08 by toggle-release

    Mine is a 17/20 DWM. I have hand loaded with lead, jacketed, plated from 115s to 125s and factory 147s. This stock pistol handled everything, and did it from its stock magazine, and the MecGar. I think there is a lot of misinformation going around re original cartridge strengths and the like.

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