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    Default I caught the Smith and Wesson bug again.

    I thought that finally acquiring a 29-2 would quiet my urge for circa 1970s revolvers but it seems to have had the opposite effect. In the last few weeks I have added these two beauties to the collection. The first photo is a 1975 produced 19-3 nickel 357. It was supposedly a former Florida law enforcement issue revolver although I can’t verify that.
    The second is a bit newer, it’s a 1986 produced 586-1 in nearly flawless condition. The triggers on both are everything I hoped they would be and accuracy is parallel.
    They were $625 each. I’m hoping one of our resident gun shop employees can give me feedback on those prices. They are worth every penny to me which is what matters but I’m curious as to what the average price may be.
    Thanks for looking and any input, as always, is greatly appreciated.

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