Just had one yesterday and it was a doozy. Dual state resident (NY and PA). Buying a H&R Reising Model 50 machine gun. Using his PA address (perfectly legal, I have copies of all the necessary documents to secure to the paperwork which allow him to buy in PA). The Form 4 (approved) was done with his PA address. The barrel is 13 1/2 inches which makes it an SBR as well as a MG. Called PICS, they got in a tizzy, said it couldn't be done. Finally got a supervisor and explain the facts to her, nice and slowly. The PICS operator mistakenly entered it as he was a NY resident. We got everything straightened out and I got the approval. However, I asked what category do I put it under on the SP4-134 as they only have handgun, long gun or frame/receiver. They didn't know what to do, said they would call back. They haven't yet. I think I'll put it under handgun unless they tell me otherwise as it is technically a SBR and I did have to do a SP4-113 on it.