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    Default INPAX Range - just north of Pittsburgh

    A friend of mine did me a big favor this last week, he's been wanting to check out the INPAX range, so I invited him to the range with me. Before heading out, he picked up a very slightly used Gen 5 Glock 26 at Allegheny Arms & Gun Works, so it was a perfect chance to try out his new gun.

    We tried out the range. Excellent. Sound dampening is first rate as is the air filtration system. He really likes it and is thinking of joining, he's going to wait to see if I decide to switch over to INPAX or stay at Keystone at the end of this year.

    If you haven't check it out yet, do so - another fantastic range just north of Pittsburgh!

    He really liked the 26 - he's thinking of replacing his M&P 9C with it.
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    Default Re: INPAX Range - just north of Pittsburgh

    Have not been yet.. but it's like 5 minutes from home. The idea of getting a tasty burger or big steak and an afternoon of shooting is appealing.

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