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    Default Re: The Rockwell Tactical 2018 Everyday Carry Conference (EDC)

    Quote Originally Posted by lross45 View Post
    It is never a good idea to rush into anything. A video came to our attention earlier in the week, that appears to have been recorded at an RTG class. We wanted to take the time and review it and ask questions and find out what was happening during the recording of the video. Was there a problem with the class and drill? Yes. The class was a specialized class that was run under the RTG banner, but whose curriculum was the sole creation of the instructor running the class. No other RTG personnel were present. It was outside the normal standards of RTG’s core classes. It was our fault for not completely reviewing the POI (Points of Instruction) before the class was held. We have taken steps to make sure that this never happens again. The instructor has been suspended and a complete review of his and all other class POI that are outside our core classes is being conducted
    I know you have a business to run, and I understand the difficult position you are in.

    PAFOA is populated by a core group of well trained shooters including many active and retired police/military/state and federal agencies.
    Your standard public relations blurb posted above and elsewhere is not going to be enough to convince the people here that all is well with your company.

    If you want to win us over, I would recommend dropping the public relations fluff and being completely honest and factual when posting here.
    Maybe your company can bounce back, maybe it can't, but your current approach is not the correct one for this audience.

    Best of luck to you.
    How can you have any cookies if you don't drink your milk?

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    Default Re: The Rockwell Tactical 2018 Everyday Carry Conference (EDC)

    Agreed. And you might note that we are paying attention to your instructor's continued, obstinate defense of his ridiculous drill in social media, and his vilification of anyone who disagrees with him.

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