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There is a write-in campaign for Steve Scheetz (L). Having Fitz in DC is the same as having a Dem. He sides with the Dems on a majority of issues like 2A, immigration, border security... basically everything the President campaigned for. Fits was very vocal in his Trump opposition and that is why Trump has not backed him in any way. He's also stated that he will vote to impeach Trump and Kavanaugh and even if the GOP keeps the majority, his is going to vote for Pelosi for speaker.

I recommend joining the couple of FB groups that are Bucks County specific:

Oh... and BTW: Steve Scheetz is the only candidate endorsed by the FOAC in this race. And he's not even on the ballot. He was on the ballot, but Fitz's brother's law firm sued to get him off... yes, former congressman Mike Fitzpatrick sued to get the Libertarian off of the ballot to make it easier for his brother to get re-elected.