Hey guys, I'm posting for sale a few really cool rifles & 1 pistol.
All prices include shipping to your FFL, FTF possible if you live in Pa.

Anyway here they are...

1st up is a like new Galil Ace in .308, Rifle has exactly 60 rounds through it, comes with Izzy sling & 2 20 round mags, 3 rail covers & an IWI cable lock.
Price is $1250 shipped to your dealer

2nd is a Yugo M76 sniper rifle in 8mm with 4 mags, the rifle is in excellent condition but the scope has a smudge under the ranging scale, I tried to get pics of it & the one I'm posting is the best of the group, the smudge doesnt effect the reticle range finder at all.
$1400 shipped for this one

3rd is an OD Green Tavor SAR in 5.56, rifle is in overall excellent condition, I might have 100 rounds through her comes with 1 mag, price is $1250

Last but not least is a Yugo PAP M92 with pistol brace, this pistol is new, totally unfired, has sat in my safe for about a year, comes with 1 steel mag, price is $600 shipped

Thanks for looking, if you need more pics send me a pm & I'll get them to you but it probably wont be until Saturday night though.