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    Default Re: Springfield XDm in 10mm

    Quote Originally Posted by Ronin View Post
    Polymer frames do a lousy job of cushioning recoil. I have two M&P pistols, one in 9mm and one in 40S&W/357 Sig. They weigh about the same. The 9mm version is a lot more comfortable and pleasant to shoot than the 40. Same for my XDm 9 vs my XDm 45, though not as significant. I don't know how enjoyable a 10mm XDm would be to shoot. For my intended purpose as a woods walk gun, I'm not a concerned about recoil, but for practice on the range or the occasional match, I may think differently.
    My Ruger LCR 357 absorbs recoil better than my father in law’s S&W 66.
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    Default Re: Springfield XDm in 10mm

    Ill have to disagree, Ive shot just about every 10mm out there and the Glocks by far tame the recoil the best. The g40mos actually isnt any worse then a 9mm even with the hottest loads. I dont really mind any of them , but the Glocks are pretty soft shooting. I also have a 454 Alaskan, and a SRH in 480 Ruger....Those guns have some recoil but by far the worst recoil i ever felt was a LCR .357 with hot loads. Even with factory loads it was very unpleasant.

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    Default Re: Springfield XDm in 10mm

    We currently have four 10mm handguns; 2 auto loaders and 2 revolvers, so I have experience shooting them. While I think the XDm 10 will be a good service-type pistol, you will feel more recoil than a steel frame pistol if it is similar to the Glock.

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    Default Re: Springfield XDm in 10mm

    Have wanted a 10MM for a long time and tried to buy the Glocks several times ESPECIALLY that beauty of a long slide Glock (Think the 40) but the just NEVER felt good in my hand. I mean like I was holding a 2"x4" block of lumber. So never made the purchase. Glad I didn't as now I have affordable options. #1. I will purchase a Ruger SR1911 in 10MM soon. #2. I will save and save and eventually get a Dan Wesson Bruin in 10MM. (Hopefully by the time I get the gun we can hunt whitetail with Semi-Auto pistols in PA.) #3. I will also pick up a Xdm in 5.25" in 10MM someday down the line maybe even before the Bruin. Been reloading for .40 S&W for over a decade so all I need is a little 10MM Brass. 10MM is certainly making a comeback.

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