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I get that part, I was asking if you are hunting deer, with a bow, and it is also a small game season, do you wear orange? They way the reg is written, you always have to wear orange during small game season which again is practically year round depending on creature.

Also, technically in 5C you can bow hunt until end of January, no orange, I get that.

But also in 5C is Bucks and Chester which you can also extended rifle antlerless. Again, I get that if you are not hunting with a rifle then no orange is required?

They write these regs up to get money I swear!!
I donít have the regs in front of me but as I recall; during the portion of archery season that overlaps with any other season where orange is required, the archer has to wear orange while moving and have an orange band around a tree within X feet of him/herself when stationary