I did a brief google search on him since, being the republican candidate for the new 7th congressional district, I wanted to see who I'm probably voting for. Apparently the guy is an Olympic gold medalist, in cycling.


...Surprise surprise, not unlike Kavanaugh, his reputation was put in jeopardy by anonymous allegations regarding conduct during his professional cycling career, just days after he announced his candidacy for the congressional seat:


Fortunately the investigations into the allegations have been (unsurprisingly) proven false.

Anyway, from his website, it looks like he's Pro-2A, pro-tax cuts, pro-term limits, anti-obamacare. Good enough for me. He was born and raised in the Allentown area and to this day lives nearby, tending a farm as well as serving aboard the Lehigh County board of Commissioners while also managing the Valley Preferred Cycling Center.

Sadly, while I've received no less than a dozen mail ads asking me to vote for Susan Wild (his democratic opponent), I haven't received a single mailing from his campaign. Won't stop me from doing it though.