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  • 9mm, you're crazy to go with anything else.

    51 75.00%
  • Buck the common wisdom, you should pick .40 S&W

    11 16.18%
  • Something else...see comments.

    6 8.82%
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Thread: 9mm or .40

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    Quote Originally Posted by alpacaheat View Post
    I agree with you.

    I have a Smith 4006 that's actually comfortable to shoot and easy to rack and operate. My tiny wife shoots it at the range and I have no problems with it, having arthritis.

    I did a ton of research on it and it came down to that or a Beretta Cougar in a LGS. Never regretted this...I even carry it sometimes (you saw it at the 2A rally in Harrisburg this year). If you want a 40 with low(er) recoil, look for a metal framed one like those two. They're both solid guns. (or Stoeger Cougar)

    But, if anyone wants to make an offer for it (with 5 mags and all of my ammo, about 1500 rounds), I'll listen...I have this pesky AR-15 project that needs finished!

    That is so purdy... I would love to make you an offer, but I've promised Mrs. Ronin that I wouldn't buy anymore guns this year. If I did buy this from you, I'd have broken my promise three times, so far....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Quasar86 View Post
    I originally felt the same about the 40 S &W as an unnecessary solution until the last ammo shortage when 40 was the only caliber seen on the shelves. A few years later I watched some ballistics videos and learned of conversion barrels for Glocks so became convinced of their utility and built a few. Accurate, fun to shoot and what's 1 more caliber gonna hurt?
    I remember that...when there was NO ammo of any caliber on the shelves, there was always 40 S&W. This is the reason why I got into it too.
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    Oh just to let everybody know how it turned out, the P229 I got has 2 barrels. 1 in 9mm and 1 in .40 S&W, so while I plan on carrying most of the time with 9mm, I'll be able to do both if I want to.

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