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    Default Hard Cast Bullets

    Hello all,

    Was wondering if anyone had experience with hard cast bullets from Underwood Ammo?


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    Default Re: Hard Cast Bullets

    Short answer. I have never shot a single round from Underwood Ammo.
    I can tell you, without a doubt, that if the bullets are truly 21 BHN, there will be NO expansion.
    Penetration with all should be pass through on all North American game animals. My understanding is that a .45-70 405 @ 1350fps will penetrate a moose longwise.
    My water dropped wheel weight +1% tin alloy should be about 15-16 BHN and gets no expansion at 1700fps.
    The same alloy air cooled for about 11-12 BHN sometimes flattens the nose and sometimes doesn't.
    I need to get my alloy down to about 9BHN for reliable expansion at 1700fps.
    With the calibers listed expansion isn't really all that necessary given a large meplat.
    A .30 cal bullet that expands to 1.5 times the original caliber (which is probably about as good as it gets) is .45
    The Beowulf looks to be not so big a meplat, which may give less than optimal results on game, but all the others look good (LFN or WFN profiles) in the pictures.

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    Default Re: Hard Cast Bullets

    Not sure if the filters for your link are correct but are you trying to buy their 45-70 rounds? Over $2 a shot for hard cast is ridiculous (but people seem to pay it).

    Get this mold from Midway, find some lead, and learn to reload. If you have the brass and not counting your time you should be shooting for 25 cents a shot.

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