S&T is holding a Battle Rifle class on October 20th 2018. Time is 0900-1700. Cost is $175.00. 300-350 rounds of rifle ammo and 50 rounds of pistol required.

This class is geared towards the .30 caliber battle rifles of the cold war era like the G3, FAL, M14/M1A1 and the AR-10 pattern guns. We will cover a brief history, the positive and negative attributes of each and the manual of arms for them.

Topics covered will also include;
-Safety brief
-Brief review of fundamentals
-Load/unload for each platform
-Position shooting
-Reloading/Malfunction clearance/Transitions
-Use of cover
-Shooting on the move
-Pivots and turns
-Multiple target engagements

If you have any questions or want to register contact me at joe@sightsandtrigger.com