Got a $50 S&W gift card rebate on my 6.5 CR Compass. Bought a muzzle brake having a design look I don't particularly care for but thought I'd try it.

Bought it from an eBay vendor situated between China and me out in Kalyvornja. Described as
6.5 Creedmoor Ruger Precision 5/8-24, 50 Cal Barrett style Tanker Muzzle brake

Well, in hand, the bore looked a bit large for a .264 bullet, so I measured it.... at .354". Seriously????

Got on the return section of eBay and was about to print the return label when I get a message unknown error, shutting down, et cetera. When it reboots, I'm on the next part of returns and the label is no longer there to print. Time for phone call. Estimated wait time 11 minutes, quickly changes to 7 minutes. Not bad. Actual wait time: 24 minutes. Arrrrrgh!

Then of course it becomes a brain strain trying to communicate verbally with what sounded like a poor connection. Weather between me and the islands, I guess.

I used the envelop it came in, pasted the provided label over the existing label, no cost to return.

.....and the beat goes on....