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    Default Re: Engraving question... Help me fix this Colt lower

    Quote Originally Posted by :-) View Post
    It doesn't look deep enough. Does it look and feel as deep as the factory engraving or is it just through the anodizing?
    It's not deep at all. Very shallow, barely through the anodizing.

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    Default Re: Engraving question... Help me fix this Colt lower

    It has to be deeper then .003, you should be able to easily catch it with your fingernail.
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    Default Re: Engraving question... Help me fix this Colt lower

    Quote Originally Posted by GunLawyer001 View Post
    This is a legal grey area, bordering on prosecutable.

    You can't remove or deface the markings required by law. I don't see an exception for removing markings that you placed there yourself.

    Will you go to jail for this? Probably not. But it's a non-zero risk.

    ATF doesn't like firearms that have had their marking messed with, and this is the agency that has repeatedly X-rayed firearms that were claimed to have been built from demilled parts sets, just to make sure that they were really cut up first and then later rewelded. Why would they do that, since an SOT can legally make a new sample gun from scratch, so what's the difference between that and the SOT just registering a bit of contraband that somebody found in grandpa's footlocker? In both cases, you end up with the same gun that ATF knows about.

    ATF doesn't care about that, they care about what the statutes say.
    Hence the order of the steps in my post.
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    Default Re: Engraving question... Help me fix this Colt lower

    Quote Originally Posted by masakarijoe View Post
    I will not get into the legal status of this lower, but you are making certain legal assumptions that don't apply to my situation. Please don't derail my thread.
    You posted this in the NFA sub-forum. Do you have a tax stamp already issued for this lower?

    You might want to read this article;
    Quote Originally Posted by cdi View Post
    A drop leg holster? A big clue indicating an Operator operating operationally, of course.

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