I have an old (90's era) Redfield 4x Wide-View scope that just had the aft-most lens chip out on the inside top corner. Do not know the model number, so I could not look up specs, and hoping someone on here might have a little knowledge on this item. I did search for Redfield, but it looks like they have since been acquired by Leupold, with very limited product info on their webpage. It is the holiday weekend, so I'll be trying to call them this week, but not expecting much.

It was mounted on a 30'06 bolt action when it chipped with about 30 rounds fired, and was previously mounted on a 5.56/.223 with no issues. I do know some scopes are rated for rim-fire only, but are they limited at higher calibers as well? Are there any companies out there that repair optics? It wasn't an expensive scope from what I recall, but I do like the wide-view, and have had it a long time.

Not sure if I just never noticed it before, but the vertical cross-hair seems like it is way off-center now as well, but rounds were impacting in the opposite direction. Looking through the scope, the cross-hair is off to the left, and rounds were impacting about a foot or so to the left at 150 yards.