This is a range that has steel targets out to a mile. It's located in Kimbolton, Oh and has 220 acres of land. I have been going there for the last four years and self taught at long range shooting. The farthest I have previously shot was a 12x22 steel plate at 1,000 yards. This past week I took my first two day class and hit a 12x12 steel plate at 1,500 yards. The owner is a world class instructor and I can't say enough about his knowledge and his teaching methods. Up until a month ago he held the world record for 1,000 yard tightest 5 shot group and high score. I shoot my AR15, Rem 700, and my 6.5 Creedmoor rifle. The 6.5 Creedmoor is the long range rifle. I took a couple shots at the one mile 12x12 steel and came real close.

I am going there this Saturday Sept 8, 2018 and if anyone has never been there I can show you around. Saturday is an open range day and you can shoot anything but 50BMG. He had designated targets for 50bmg but someone dhot up his regular plates with a 50, so he had to stop that.