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    Watch out for this member.

    Member posted a Taurus and I PM'd "I'll take it if we split transfer fee."

    Member agreed and we set date/time/and place to meet.

    Due to unforeseen circumstances I needed to reschedule, still perfectly willing to meet his asking price.

    Member claimed it was now a whole new deal and wanted to renegotiate price.

    This guy is not getting off to a good start on this forum.

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    I was asked if we would split fees amounting to $30. Asking price was $350. I said sure. That would set the price at $325. Later in the conversation he said "so we agreed on $300 right?" And I informed him that he was mistaken. I did concede to waive the price transfer fee from my price entirely ($320) if we could meet the next day.

    I get a voicemail telling me he can no longer meet the next day. I said no problem, and that I would remove my listings and hold the gun for him until the following week if he would pay my asking price. Keep in mind this was just an offer, not a requirement. He got extremely rude and accused me of changing the deal (which if you've followed the sequence of events so far, he already changed the deal or attempted to change the deal a few times) and said he could get the same thing for cheaper elsewhere. I informed him of the error politely but firmly and thanked him for his time.

    At the end of the conversation NO concrete deal was in place so I can't possibly have bailed on the arrangement. Since there wasn't one. Cutting you a discount was doing you a favor in exchange for a quick sale. When you changed the time I feel that it is reasonable to discuss adjusting any discounts. You don't have a right to a discount.

    You went from polite to rude very quickly once I wasn't going to conduct the whole arrangement the way you wanted it.

    Nice try. Beware of ntouchet for future deals. And frankly my experiences here haven't made me want to continue on this forum. If I left a whiny pre-adolescent review every time a member here bailed on a concrete deal with me, the feedback forum would be considerably fuller. Like a well adjusted adult I've simply moved on, but I won't stand for libelous attacks on my character.

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