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    Default SGL 274 and SGL 280 and SGL 052

    Just a heads up, I'm going to try and hunt there so if you hunt there, you may want to be ready!!

    In all seriousness, does anyone here hunt there and if so, any suggestions on specific areas that may be better? I'm not asking you to give me your years of experience and scouting, I am just curious if anyone found one particular area to be better than others. My impression is that 274 is small and only 4 spots to park however may not be as crowded because it is more remote but seems hillier than 280. It seems 280 has two spots, one south of 183 and one north and that it is larger with a lot of access points however may be crowded with all the Reading yahoos which concerns me.

    SGL 052 is in 5C so that means a longer season so more opportunity (in my confused head, just go with it ha ha!) so that may be someplace I go should we have a mild winter as I can get out there in January and well, maybe slay me some deer ha ha! Thoughts on this area?

    Any help for you all kind folk is appreciated. ;-)
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