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    Default Tommy Gun front sight question

    My friend recently bought a used Tommy Gun. He later found out that the threaded front sight/compensator will not tighten up straight but wants to go about another quarter turn before it gets tight. He asked me about putting some rocksett on the threads and just lining up the sight. I have never used the stuff so I don't know. Is that a good idea?

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    Default Re: Tommy Gun front sight question

    not sure about tommy guns but with a ar muzzle device, crush washers are used to clock it.

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    Default Re: Tommy Gun front sight question

    What he said^^^ I had a cutts comp put on my SBR and I was worried about what your friend is going through.
    If I can remember, my dealer said something about a washer.

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    Default Re: Tommy Gun front sight question

    The front site should have a pin according to the schematic I found. For some reason it will not copy and paste. YMMV depending on maker.
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