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    Default Re: Gotta bug for a new gun

    I have bought 3 guns from the classified section on this site..all sellers were stand up guys and the items described as is..

    There wasn't much negotiating as it was saving me money getting a deal..

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    Default Re: Gotta bug for a new gun

    I usually don't do "price is firm ads" and when I see them I usually ignore as they are asking near retail on a used gun with some Accessories I don't want

    I have however done this when I have sold something. Sometimes when I sell something I just want it gone and don't want to deal with a bunch of low ball offers and something taking a while to sell. I will find out what the going rate is and under cut that by 25% or so depending on the item. If you do a "price is firm" and price aggressively the item sales fast ime

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    Default Re: Gotta bug for a new gun

    Quote Originally Posted by Parrisk View Post
    1st - yes many gun shops will take your gun as a down payment, but be prepared to not really get what it's worth because they have to make money on it
    2nd - selling a 1911, or almost any firearm at this point in time would be counter productive. clean it, go heavy on the light oil and store it in the safe.. it will only go up in value.

    This I have heard over and over again. I liked the feel of the R1 but heard very little good about it. Other than top end 1911's I was pointed to Colt, Rock Island Arsenal (RIA), Springfield, Kimber (not in that order)
    Of course I fell in love with a Sig TACOPS 5"..
    Sig Sauer 1911 FTW. I also have to say that although it isn't a 1911, I am a big fan of the Sig Sauer P220/226/229 Legion SAO, if only a double stack 1911 felt that good in my hand. If I wanted to maximize my 1911 value aside from the Sig, I would possibly look for a clean, used, Dan Wesson Pointman, Razorback, or semi custom 1911's that can be had for under a grand used (requires patience and careful shopping ).
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