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    Default Auto On Micro Sights?

    I bought a Holosun HS503GU that has "shake awake" for my AR15 and now I want something like that for my Mossberg. I use an ADE micro green dot sight (pistol sight) now and I dig it but it doesn't turn on by itself. I sit my shotgun next to my bed sometimes for home defense but I never do that with my AR. I'd prefer not to have to buy a $300-$400 sight for a pump shotgun but I may end up going that route. HS507C is what I had in mind. I know I could just buy another 503 but I like the open pistol sights better for the shotgun. So, what sights do you folks know of that have an auto on like the Holosun?

    This is what I'm using now. I like the green dot but I'd switch to red if I found something with auto on.

    Hope this is not Chris's blood ...

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    Default Re: Auto On Micro Sights?

    Deltapoint Pro?


    I taught Chuck Norris to bump-fire.


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