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    Default Re: Cabelas New Policy

    Quote Originally Posted by streaker69 View Post
    What's all that crap down the right side of your screen cap?
    I dunno. I just use that image that was found online.
    You're Invited!Pittsburgh PAFOA GROUP SHOOT! - Saturday Aug 18th (Link)

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    Default Re: Cabelas New Policy

    Quote Originally Posted by Parrisk View Post
    I hope this is not true! Living at the Northern edge of our Commonwealth I liked to used Cabelas as a meet to buy location.. and for handguns the transfer can be done 7 days a week.

    I only ever bought 1 firearm from Cabelas. Taurus 24/7 Pro Gen 2 had been out about 2 years.. they had a new Gen 1 in the showcase marked down. Talked to the clerk who was a veteran. He marked it down another 20% bring it to 50% of a Gen 2. My thought was to get it, shoot the piss out of it, and send it in for the Recall exchange.. now I like it more than the Gen 2 so might just keep it LOL
    Same here, it was a very convenient meeting place when buying/selling with folks from the Harrisburg area.

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    Default Re: Cabelas New Policy

    Quote Originally Posted by Emptymag View Post
    Oh. I didn't even realize the link was a YouTube link. I don't click links without good reason
    Try again!

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    Default Re: Cabelas New Policy

    Quote Originally Posted by Gunsnwater View Post
    Donít you have loaded j frames under every seat cushion?
    Not since The Incident . . .
    Attorney Phil Kline, AKA
    Thanks to all who attended my Firearms Law Workshops this year!

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