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    Default Re: Ruger PC Carbine!

    Quote Originally Posted by raxar View Post
    But is it better than the kel-tec?
    In my opinion the Hi point is better then the Kel-Tech but I am bias against Kel-Tech having had to work with them and their warranty dpt. for a few years and seeing the crap they roll out and their can give a shit less attitude when it fails.

    Here's a video that just hit today showing a comparison from the new shooter perspective so it won't have any of my bull shit opinions in it.

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    Default Re: Ruger PC Carbine!

    Quote Originally Posted by raxar View Post
    But is it better than the kel-tec?
    That depends on your concept of "better". My wife has a Sub 2000 S&W M&P version that I've upgraded with nearly every MCARBO part available for it. The only part left to install is the new trigger bar. She uses it for PCC in USPSA matches. Has never failed her and she runs nothing but Promag M&P 9mm 32rnd magazines in it. The gun is a sweet little shooter that is not lefty friendly. At first I thought it was fine until I shot it in the winter and got blasted in the face by powder. Not pleasant. If not for the blast to the face, I would have bought one for myself for PCC. My wife's gun did have the barrel assembly replaced under the recall, but it was there and back in two weeks.

    My Ruger PC Carbine runs well with certain magazines. G18 mags and Magpul 21 mags seem to run the best. I get mixed results from my ETS 32 (?) rnd mags. Same for my KCI 33 round mags and 50 round drum. When it has the right mag, it runs great. I installed an MCARBO muzzle brake which helped with muzzle rise, and an extended mag release and larger charging handle from Taccom3g. I also did a trigger job with a Volquartsen Hammer and Spring kit. Dropped the pull from 4~ish lbs down to 2.5.

    Overall I like my PC Carbine, but there's room for improvement. I don't like the stock. Hopefully Hogue puts out an Overmolded version. I have them on my 10/22s and love the feel. Also, I don't like how loose certain mags are in the magwell. I think that's part of the reason why some of the longer happy sticks don't run as well in the rifle. If I actively hold my KCI mags steady while firing, they will run almost 100% of the time. Now that may be a mag problem, but even the G18 mag wobbles, though not as much.

    So is the PC Carbine better than the Sub2k? They're about even in my book.
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