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    Default Crazy accurate T/C Compass in .30-06

    Great day at the range today. Thrilled with my Compass that I bought earlier this year. But first, some background: Have about 160 rounds through it. The out of the box trigger was terrible at 5.5 pounds, so I installed an MCARBO spring kit which resulted in a crisp 2.5 pound hunting trigger. Just put a Stoner AR-10 muzzle brake on. Headed to the range today to rezero the scope since the brake would almost surely affect POI.
    Using Herters (Sellier & Bellot) 180gr SP and shooting 3 shot groups from 100 yards (seated, resting arms on my range bag) I did the best shooting I've ever done with any firearm. My first three shots from a cold barrel measured an astonishing 0.41 inch cloverleaf center to center. After the barrel was warm (not hot) I was still able to shoot sub-MOA groups, with the best being 0.56 inches ctc.
    I am still amazed I shot this well. Everything came together today. Can't imagine that I can do any better with the two boxes of Match ammo I have sitting in my safe. Saving those for 300-600 yards.

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    Default Re: Crazy accurate T/C Compass in .30-06

    Impressive groups with that bulk ammo! Congrats on your setup.

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    Default Re: Crazy accurate T/C Compass in .30-06

    Yes! Congratulations. Really enjoy success stories.

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