My two newest acquisitions: Jericho / Magnum Research 941 Baby Eagle compact; Springfield 1911 Milspec

Jericho: ran through 150 rounds of various factory loads. One failure to feed with a Federal 115 gr +p+ jhp. I’m going to attribute that to an ammo issue, since all the other rounds it fed and ejected well. It seemed to really like Hornady critical duty 135 gr. +p flex tip. This is a VERY accurate pistol. Reminds me of my HK P7 pistols in terms of accuracy. WOW. In my opinion, this is every bit as nice as a SIG p229, at almost half the price.

Springfield Milspec 1911: fired 200 rounds of FMJ and JHP. I used wilson combat mags, Springfield mags, and Colt mags. I Had one failure to go into battery on the last round in a Colt 8 round mag. All the other rounds ejected and fed perfectly. Last round failure is most likely a magazine issue. Wilsons and the Springfield mags worked flawlessly. Ejection was uniform. This pistol shoots slightly high, so a 6 o clock hold puts them right in the middle.

All in all I’m very pleased with these two handguns. They are ‘budget’ type pistols that perform very well. I recommend both of these, especially the Jericho. I think this compact Baby Eagle II is no longer made (full steel), so get it while you can.