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    Default Re: FFL procedure question

    Some FFL's prefer not to deal with random amateurs shipping guns to them, they prefer to receive from other FFL's who know enough to include names and other useful info.

    I suspect that most FFL's who've been in business a while, have stories about opening unexpected packages containing nothing but a gun. No seller's info, no contact info, no phone numbers, no clue where the gun is supposed to go.

    That's a problem for the bound book, because Federal law requires the FFL to record info that the FFL doesn't have.

    As for keeping the JBT's in NY happy, I have no opinion.
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    Default Re: FFL procedure question

    Right , many FFL's will NOT accept guns sent from out of their state by non-FFL's as there is no trace or accountability. Not that someone looking to offload a stolen firearms would use a fraudulent ID.
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    Talked to several NY FFL's on an FFLs only forum and they all said a letter from the receiving FFL in PA to the seller/shipper would/should suffice to take the gun off the permit/registry. Several said the NYC people might not like it but he has proven that the gun is no longer in NYS so they should accept that letter. Any where else in NYS there shouldn't be a problem.
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    Default Re: FFL procedure question

    Thanks to everyone who replied. I spoke to the guys at the Handgunner in Topton and got sorted.

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