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From Conewago:
3. No firearms / magazines may be loaded with more than 10 rounds regardless of the capacity.

4. No rapid fire on the ranges at any time. After each shot and before the next a minimum of one second of time must elapse.

I couldn't find any range rules for SLCFSA posted on the website. Unfortunately, the newsletter is only available to members and requires a sign in on the site.
There is this though from a few years back: http://forum.pafoa.org/showthread.php?t=262138
Im not to worried about the rapid fire rule as long as I can do double taps. Defensive shooting to me does not mean unloading the entire magazine as fast as I can. As for the 10 rounds in a magazine. I dont really mind that either as Most of my pistols only hold 7 rounds. Sure my AR's hold 30 , but who can afford to go out and blow through multiple 30 round magazines. I usually just go and sight in my guns and then do a little defensive shooting practice and call it a day. Some days I like to go an precision shoot for fun but that is slow and i only do a few rounds at a time.
Mainly I go when my nephew is in town from the army and we shoot. I quit Mill Creek because they wouldnt allow him to shoot with me one day and were rude about it.