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    Default A Brief History of Rogue Gun Makers

    I thought that the author's bias was showing. The comments are interesting.


    From 3D Printing to Kits, A Brief History of Rogue Gun Makers

    There is nothing new in attempts by gun makers to exploit loopholes in government regulations.

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    Default Re: A Brief History of Rogue Gun Makers

    Interesting read. I'm not sure I would refer to Wayne and Silvia Daniels as "Rogue" gun makers. They sold the M11/9 parts kits which the government was well aware of and was advertised constantly.

    An interesting read about rogue and illegal gun manufacturing are the Khyber Pass Arms manufacturers in Pakistan and some of the rogue manufacturers in Afghanistan. Vice news did a small documentary about them a couple of years ago.

    Forgotten Weapons have done a few youtube videos on Khyber Pass Copy firearms. Here's one on a bolt action AK platform rifle.
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