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    Default Eastern Lancaster County Gun and Rod Club?

    Do any of you belong to this club? What is your opinion on this club? What kind of ranges and rules do they have? Their website is very lacking. Thanks!
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    Default Re: Eastern Lancaster County Gun and Rod Club?

    Contact Kris with questions ...
    I'm sure she'd be glad to help you out.
    The website is not kept, most communication is through emails.

    Saturday Aug. 4 is the annual gun raffle, would be a good time to stop by.
    Second Sundays are regular breakfasts, 8/12 is next one.
    Meetings are second Thursday evenings.
    Dues are ~40/yr.
    Full auto shoot is in October, if I'm not mistaken,

    It's a smaller club, with a few benches going out to ~100 yds.
    Members only on the range.
    Guests are welcome to visit, but need to join to keep coming back.

    I find the club to be a comfortable and friendly group.
    We have good turnouts for work weekends, and the grounds are well kept.

    The range does shut down on the rare occasions when the Amish neighbors host their gatherings.

    Hope this helps!

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