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    Default Liberal Democrat Gov Wolf stonewalls audit of illegals voting in PA elections

    Wolf Watch: Metcalfe Calls Out PA’s Least Transparent Governor for Election Integrity Hypocrisy


    HARRISBURG – House State Government Committee Chairman Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) today condemned Gov. Tom Wolf’s late Friday afternoon announcement of the creation of an executive branch workgroup “to further strengthen election security protections,” as a supreme act of hypocrisy in the real fight to ensure that that every legally cast vote in Pennsylvania is fairly and equally counted.

    “The most apocryphal statement contained in the governor’s fake news release is when he accuses Congressional Republicans and the White House of being ‘in denial over foreign aggression’ concerning our election process,” said Metcalfe. “In reality, Wolf and his Department of State have been dragging their feet at every turn to keep records regarding foreign nationals illegally registering to vote in Pennsylvania hidden from the public. It is precisely the governor’s obstruction and obstinate refusal to release this information that is truly disturbing, and calls into question, not for the first time, the Wolf administration’s judgment, priorities and commitment to transparency and election integrity.”

    On Feb. 28, Metcalfe’s Right-to-Know appeal requesting the number of foreign nationals illegally registered to vote in Pennsylvania was partially granted by the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records. As a result, Wolf and his Department of State were given 30 days to release all communications between former Secretary of State Pedro Cortez and his staff regarding voter registration and/or voting records by non-citizen foreign nationals.

    “Since last year, I have been demanding answers on behalf of my constituents and all of the citizens of Pennsylvania, who have a right to these public records,” said Metcalfe. “On the 30th and final day to comply, Pennsylvania’s least transparent governor appealed the Office of Open Records ruling in favor of maximum voter transparency to the Commonwealth Court. Talk about denying foreign aggression, there are few things that are more unfair or deceitful than for this governor to make citizens across the Commonwealth question whether their legally cast votes have been cancelled out by illegally registered foreign nationals.”

    Metcalfe concluded by announcing that he will convene a House State Government Committee public hearing this fall to once again focus on solutions to improve the administration, oversight and integrity of the Commonwealth’s election process.

    “Both Wolf and his Department of State must be held fully accountable for blatantly obstructing the right of Pennsylvania voters to know how many of their votes were illegally negated by foreign nationals,” said Metcalfe. “Once this information is released, it is my hope that we can get a clear picture regarding the total magnitude of this problem and take immediate action to further ensure that every legally cast vote in Pennsylvania is fairly and equally counted. The integrity of our entire electoral process absolutely depends on it!”

    The House State Government Committee is responsible for reviewing legislation dealing with all aspects of state government, which includes Election Code reform and legislative redistricting.

    Representative Daryl Metcalfe
    12th District
    Pennsylvania House of Representatives
    Media Contact: Ty McCauslin
    717.772.9979 /
    How can you have any cookies if you don't drink your milk?

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    Default Re: Liberal Democrat Gov Wolf stonewalls audit of illegals voting in PA elections

    How do you think these people get elected, fraud.

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    Default Re: Liberal Democrat Gov Wolf stonewalls audit of illegals voting in PA elections

    I was wondering what ever happened to the documents that detailed 100k illegal voters.

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    Default Re: Liberal Democrat Gov Wolf stonewalls audit of illegals voting in PA elections

    I am sure that the Democrat voter fraud uncovered last election in Delaware County has been swept under the rug by are leftist AG.

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