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    Quote Originally Posted by Coops View Post
    I spend most of the year in Florida just North of Daytona. I have seen where a group of open carry fishermen had the police called on them and the cops just told the caller it was legal, but they hung around as a "presence" anyway.
    The Florida law does allow for brief inadvertent exposure. Like your tee rides up when you exit a vehicle then drops right back, That's supposed to be OK but I suppose it depends on who calls you out and what kind of a day the LEO is having. Purposely flashing your weapon is illegal.
    I carry IWB appendix and I am sure I print all the time. Nobody ever looks there.
    Daytona is a rough town especially along Rt 1. They have shootings there once a week it seems, you definitively want to carry if you have a license.
    In June 2018, fisherman were arrested on a pier when you are allowed to OC by Florida statute. I believe it was in Miami. Link to an article and video:


    So, as a non-fishermen in Florida and to be seen as an "outsider", I felt it best to pocket carry there.
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    Default Re: State College LTC Holder Reported

    Umm.. none of my business to let you know that your firearm is showing. As a firearm owner, it my SOLE responsibility to know whether my weapon is showing or not. Not yours. If you want to complement me on my firearm, ok. If not, please leave me be.
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