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I spend most of the year in Florida just North of Daytona. I have seen where a group of open carry fishermen had the police called on them and the cops just told the caller it was legal, but they hung around as a "presence" anyway.
The Florida law does allow for brief inadvertent exposure. Like your tee rides up when you exit a vehicle then drops right back, That's supposed to be OK but I suppose it depends on who calls you out and what kind of a day the LEO is having. Purposely flashing your weapon is illegal.
I carry IWB appendix and I am sure I print all the time. Nobody ever looks there.
Daytona is a rough town especially along Rt 1. They have shootings there once a week it seems, you definitively want to carry if you have a license.
In June 2018, fisherman were arrested on a pier when you are allowed to OC by Florida statute. I believe it was in Miami. Link to an article and video:


So, as a non-fishermen in Florida and to be seen as an "outsider", I felt it best to pocket carry there.