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    Default Houston Police Chief Calls for More Local Gun Control after GWB41 Cardio MD Killed

    Texas on the whole is a strong pro-2A State. Like PA, however, leftist Democrats and their leftist Police minions still control large cities like Austin, Dallas & Houston. Last week in Houston GWB41's cardiologist was murdered while bicycling on the medical campus. So, predictably, the Democrat Police Chief holds a press conference to call for more Jim Crow style local gun control laws. This is the latest disturbing trend in eviscerating the Second Amendment. There is an embedded video in the news article. His statements are not ambiguous.

    They have a sketch of the alleged perp. Hard to believe that they have not run the composite against their data base of every resident and non-resident CCW holder in the State by now. I suspect that there will be surprise all around in the Democrat camp if we learn in the end that the criminal, already prepared to commit murder, failed to abide by handgun licensing laws. The surprise will be followed by local legislation designed to infringe even more on the rights of the law abiding.

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    Default Re: Houston Police Chief Calls for More Local Gun Control after GWB41 Cardio MD Kille

    Screw them.

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