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    Default Re: IWB 6 oclock (mexican?)

    Quote Originally Posted by ItchyTick View Post
    How big was the high noon burrito?
    That's an odd thing to ask....
    I don't know, I only saw the dude from the back........
    The Hostler

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    Default Re: IWB 6 oclock (mexican?)

    Quote Originally Posted by ray h View Post
    That's an odd thing to ask....

    Seriously? You've been around long enough to know that is the poofa way.
    Quote Originally Posted by cdi View Post
    A drop leg holster? A big clue indicating an Operator operating operationally, of course.

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    Default Re: IWB 6 oclock (mexican?)

    You need to Google Appendix Carry. It's popular with those who have had a lot of training with certain trainers. I occasionally CC Appendix (11 o'clock- I'm a lefty) (G26) with a Remora holster. The holster is pretty much invisible.
    Toujours prÍt

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