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Thread: T/C Hawken

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    Gotta be able to run pretty fast to whack 'em.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ecclectic Collector View Post
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^What he said.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Twist rate determines if the bullet flies true or just tumbles after it leaves the bore. Look up the stats on your T/C. Compare with the twist rate for a centerfire rifle shooting same caliber/weight projectile.
    There is a 3rd factor in twist rate - velocity.

    The faster the projectile, the less twist you need.

    A BP of .458cal will need a faster twist than a smokeless of the same caliber, using the same length of bullet, because the smokeless rifle will tend to be a faster projectile.

    It is the same reason why a .220Swift, .22-250, .225Win, etc has a slower twist than a .222, .223, .22Hornet.
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