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    I'll throw this one in here cause it makes me laugh every time I think about it. When I was younger 11-12ish I went on a hunting trip with my grandfather, a couple of his buddies and my uncle (who had at the time married into the family recently). It was a couple days into the trip my Grandpa and his buddies had all gotten their deer and were really giving my uncle the gears about not getting one himself. So he woke up super early got himself out to his spot, around mid day he shows back up in camp... with no deer and a rifle with a broken stock. He starts ranting about the "crappy rifle" and relays a story of him sitting in his blind and a big buck walks right out 30' in front of him. He aims, takes his shot and the deer doesn't flinch... he racks the bolt and loads another aims, "shoots" again the deer doesn't move. He stands up and the deer looks right at him, my uncle takes another 3 or 4 shots emptying his rifle, but all "misses"! The deer who doesn't seem very worried for just having been shot at slowly walks off. My uncle who's a bit of a dope throws his rifle down in frustration and breaks the buttstock off just behind the receiver. After hearing my uncles tale my Grandpa and I walked out to where my uncle had been set up to look for blood or any indication that the deer was actually there. After looking around for a minute we find 5 or 6 unfired 30-06 rounds and some large hoof prints on the ground. My uncle got "buck fever" and took all his "shots" with presumably the safety on and was apparently too worked up to realize the the rifle didn't go BOOM each time. My Grandpa and his buddies teased the hell outta my uncle and as far as I can remember he wasn't invited on future hunting trips. I'm 31 now and that story still makes me smile without fail. My Grandpa still likes to bring it up once or twice a year at family gatherings too hahaha.
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    Quote Originally Posted by streaker69 View Post
    What exactly was the point of shooting those animals?
    They were coming right for him!
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