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    Default Re: Privatizing PICS and NICS

    Not sure what or how privatized. We already have FFL to do transfers and sheriff / chief LEO for LTCF. Everyone must check against one database, PICS for state and NICS for feds. So those would be monopolies. Only lowest bidder for contract would be a free market event every year or so tbd. Otherwise, perhaps the employees (operators) and training outsourced to several companies?

    It would be interesting to wrest control of the non-registry record of sale database from the state police, though!

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    Default Re: Privatizing PICS and NICS

    Quote Originally Posted by hog45 View Post
    In a free market, businesses that suck go out of business, while businesses that are good at what they do, do well.

    Honestly I am really surprised how many people here think the government is better and more trustworthy about gun purchases than the free market would be.

    It is fine, I just would never have guessed it on this forum.
    What "Free Market". The United States has not had a "free market" since the 1920's
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