I've dealt with Eric quite a lot over the past 18 months. In all fairness, the only actual gunsmithing he's done for me has been one minor screw repair and the installation of new sights (both well done and fairly priced), but he's purchased dozens of guns and a large number of tools from me as I've been administering my late father's estate. I don't have enough experience with repairs or customizations to credibly judge his work or pricing, but I can emphatically endorse his character! My experience in negotiating sales with Eric has been 100% respectful and "B.S. Free". He's never hesitant to offer honest advice, even when it's not to his benefit. Communications via phone and/or email are easy and quick, and he's just a hell of a pleasant guy to deal with - you can tell the man loves what he does.

If I had to offer any "cons" for EZ, it would only be that they're always in high demand... If you visit on a weekend, it's not uncommon to be third or fourth in line in a very tiny front desk area lol!