used torch hoses, made by techniweld. job completion sale purchase. the hoses are 1/4" x 50'. great condition, no holes or tears. $15.00 each pick up in Shenandoah. I would prefer you purchase at least 2 hoses to make it worth my while. some hoses have connectors for joining two set together. first come first serve, first pick. cash only.

next for sale inert gas hoses, for mig and tig welding. these were used to go from the regulator on the tank to the mig welder or the tig torch. these are great for air compressor hoses too each hose is at least 50 feet long with inert gas fittings on both ends the inside diameter is 1/4". some are techniweld brand and some are dayco brand. date found on the hoses are 2016. no cuts tears or leaks. these are a little dirty, but in perfect usable condition. this will carry oxygen, argon, co2,helium, nitrogen, and of course mixed gases like argon/carbon dioxide mix. great for home garages, welding shops, tire shops, roofers, and anywhere else people use hoses for moving air and gases. the price per hose is $10.00 and I ask you buy at least two hoses to make it worth my while. some hoses have connectors to join two hoses together. if you use your head you could join several hoses together using the fittings on the hoses and just cut the two fittings off the very ends and only buy two fitting that fit your air compressor.