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Thread: Cell phone gun

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    Quote Originally Posted by Story View Post
    So essentially, they'd be asking you to draw that weapon?

    Asking for a friend.
    Not exactly. To draw it you would have to manipulate it into the firing configuration (the reason it isn't an AOW). So they are asking you to give it to them, and if they see you deploying it they will know it's not a cell phone. This assumes that they actually ask for. If using it on a belt holder, they may not ask and simply take it. Even if it's in your pocket there is the risk of pick-pockets - it's print looks like a valuable smart phone and makes it a target.

    Once somebody has the drop on you, successfully deploying a firearm is unlikely. They're too close if they are asking for your stuff and too many steps ahead of you in the process if they have a gun or knife on you. There may be some exceptions to this such as shooting a revolver through your jacket pocket, but really the answer is improving situational instead of relying on impractical tacticool inventions.

    This is just my opinion and train of thought. Could there be unique scenarios where this product is useful? Maybe, but I can't think of one in which another product wouldn't be more practical.
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    2 rounds of .380?
    I'll pass.
    Gun control isn't about's about control

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