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    Default Re: Moving to Pennsylvania (advice for towns/counties?)

    Quote Originally Posted by SIGFAN86 View Post
    Stay out of any communities if you want to keep your sanity.
    With a LTCF you don't necessarily need to carry concealed, but it's your choice and keeps you out of trouble when a state of emergency is declared.
    yeah, no communities for me. 4 of the 6 houses i looked at were in communities. not for me.
    i think open carry would be great if everyone did it. but it makes some people nervous.
    also i don't want a thug to see me as the #1 threat. i'm going to be a grey man. [/edit]

    Quote Originally Posted by gnbrotz View Post
    Green counties are considered 'rural' and would be the best place to start given your desire to not go too far from NJ.

    Attachment 109043
    many thanks. i've been looking in Carbon county.

    Quote Originally Posted by KCJones View Post
    My advice: Stay in NJ. Vote Republican, volunteer, fight, advocate, and try to change the PRNJ from within.

    If you want to move here, then actually move here. Don't "buy some land" to come shoot and enjoy what we've fought for while still staying "within X distance" of the motherland. Buy a home, change your residence, give up on NJ. That means it's your primary residence, no concerns about staying "close enough". And please, for goodness sake, don't enjoy our hard-won liberty then turncoat and be voting for the same things that made NJ the shithole it has become. We see WAAAAY too much of that.
    a lot of the Republicans here are as bad or worse than the dem... socialists. we've been fighting, and losing. we have carry permits here, but no one applies because you will probably get denied.
    you need a good reason to carry one. self preservation isn't good enough. getting denied looks bad applying for one in a free state. only judges and other officials seem to be able to get a hold of one here.

    i have family in NJ. that is why i'm concerned about travel time. let me be clear here. i'm selling my house in NJ. i'm buying a house in PA PERIOD.
    i will be a full time resident. i WILL be voting, and encouraging other shooters/hunters to do so!

    Quote Originally Posted by middlefinger View Post
    avoid Monroe and Pike that are green on the map. full of NJ and NY transplants that changed them for the worse .

    monroe is especially bad when it comes to property taxes, car insurance, and home insurance are much higher because it is considered a tourist area
    thanks for that info. i'm thinking further west will be best.

    Quote Originally Posted by streaker69 View Post
    I think we should setup a socialist exchange program. We ship* all avowed socialists to Jersey in exchange for all Jersey's conservatives.

    *Shipment will be conducted by Trebuchet over the Delaware.
    i'll supply the lumber! lol

    many thanks for everyone's help.
    cheers /max
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    Diligently plotting to take over the World and leave you alone.

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    Default Re: Moving to Pennsylvania (advice for towns/counties?)

    Quote Originally Posted by impetus_maximus View Post
    i think open carry would be great if everyone did it. but it makes some people nervous.
    also i don't want a thug to see me as the #1 threat. i'm going to be a grey man.
    I don't give a shit about other people's nerves. I open carry. I'm the only one in the area to open carry. Of course, out here in rural Western Pennsylvania (population density125 per square mile), we don't have thugs lurking about.

    Wife and I occasionally go to the major metropolis of Indiana, Pa. (birthplace of Jimmy Stewart). I open carry. Either people don't notice, or they don't care.

    Be brave, be bold, open carry. Exercise your civil rights.

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    Default Re: Moving to Pennsylvania (advice for towns/counties?)

    I am a NJ transplant who thought Christie was a RINO and voted against him in the primaries. I have a house on 12 acres in Schuylkill Co butt up against the Appalachian trail and a hour from NJ on Rt 78. I would not regularly shoot my gun outside my back door (although I have done so) but there are some nice outdoor ranges within 10 miles with annual membership fees costing less than your monthly cell phone bill. I regularly hear gunshots coming from all directions since I am also close to a game lands, there is a farm at the bottom of the hill and the next road over winds back into the woods and is inhabited by some reclusive freedom loving people with deliverance overtones.

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    Default Re: Moving to Pennsylvania (advice for towns/counties?)

    Quote Originally Posted by Coops View Post
    ...people with deliverance overtones.
    That is horrifyingly descriptive for using so few words.

    "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Coops again."

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    Default Re: Moving to Pennsylvania (advice for towns/counties?)

    Now you are getting into my neighborhood. I agree with most of whats been said in here, especially KCJones and Coops, but what are you looking for? I mean 10 acres and able to shoot on, it covers about 80%+ of the land in PA. To your questions, the discharge laws are handled at the local level, city, boroughs and towns are usually too densely populated for shooting, but townships usually are clear and rural. all other laws are covers at the state level and preemption. Like Coops said on two notes, join a club, I'll add and stay on good terms with your new neighbors. I hear shooting from all angles, and it can get old after a while. My club membership was $250 for life and no I didn't forget any zeros. And within a 20 mile radius I can probably get to 2-3 dozen clubs with annual memberships in the 35-50 range.

    What are you looking to spend, do you need a job, do you want access to stores, hospitals and vets with 10 miles? Other then shooting, what attractions would you like, the AT, a river, a lake, he mountains, or farm land, bears at the feeders? The closer you stay to 80 or 78 the more likely you are to recognize the NJ/NY attitude. On the flip side the further from them and the further from the border it gets very country like Coops said. Where are you in NJ, some areas are rural and you're used to rural life already, some are not, and you don't know what you'll miss until you don't have it.
    There are a lot of depressed area too, old manufacturing or coal towns, some college towns, some with lots of money some with section 8 full of reallocated Philly families. Like KCJones said, a lot of people come here liking the rural nature, but soon lobby for street lights, stop lights, 24hr police coverage, parks and playgrounds, and all the other conveniences NJ has, and next thing you know, the price of everything, especially the taxes go through the roof. Or look at places like the Poconos, where all these people came with intentions of huge resorts and vacation communities, it's a wasteland of vacant buildings and NYC transplants now. Or Jim Thorpe, beautiful place, but avoid the touristy times, and the poor locals used to enjoy cheap beers at the local dives, now it NJ pricing and fancy food, in town at least:)

    And back to the you don't know what you are missing until you don't have it. Trader Joe's, Whole foods, Macy's, 30 restaurants in walking distance. I am not being a wise ass, but there is a difference to being used to accessible retail and one store with 30 mile radius. you may say the deeper the woods the better until you wife leaves you:) a lot of places you can go in Carbon and Schuylkill are 30 miles from a few fair stores, 50 miles from good stores, and 80 miles from luxury stores. I guess Amazon fixes a lot of that though:)

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