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    Default Vacation to South Carolina

    Looking for insight on a trip to South Carolina.

    I know SC does not have reciprocity with PA LCTF (or Utah, which I also have), so having a loaded handgun as a non-resident is a no-go. But, since it's a long drive, I'd like to have one through states where allowed just in case. Can I just unload and lock a handgun in a lockbox while staying in SC? I understand that when traveling through, that is OK, but what about when staying there?

    I've not driven through SC, but have often gotten near the Maryland border, stopped, unloaded, locked, then continued through MD. Then when reaching WV or OH, stop and unlock, load. Again, same for traveling through, but what's the law when staying? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Vacation to South Carolina

    Glovebox and console carry is legal so long as they have a lid that closes.
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    Default Re: Vacation to South Carolina

    I had to drive through SC two years ago when we went to FL. SC is at least a 2 hour drive to get through the state. When I got to NC/SC border I stopped and put my pistol into a locked case. I didn't like that about SC as I was hoping southern states were pro 2A. It was a PITA in my opinion.

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    Default Re: Vacation to South Carolina

    SC allows you to have a loaded firearm in your car as long as it is not on your person. There is a more comprehensive post in another thread I will try to find.

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