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    Default Ruger Precision Rimfire vs CZ 452 Left Handed; Help Me Decide Which To Buy Please?

    Hey, thanks for reading. For those of you that don't need context, I'm trying to decide between a Ruger Precision Rimfire or a Left Handed CZ 452. I have a 10/22, that is currently my prized possession. I haven't done anything crazy to it, but a bunch of standard upgrades (stock, trigger, extractor and buffer, bolt release). Anyway, I have an old Marlin Glenfield Model 25 that my dad gave me when I started shooting on my own, and I love it... but it's sort of a dinosaur. I take it out frequently, but I want a bolt gun to call my own.

    For more context, I am a big rimfire enthusiast. Of my 7 gun collection, five are chambered .22LR (one doubles in .22wm), because of it's ease of access, low cost, and my lack of ability to shoot any long ranges. Also, my gf is somehow put at easy by smallbore firearms. My end goal is just a really quality rimfire rifle for plinking/target shooting, and hopefully a bit of silhouette shooting down the line. I don't hunt, and don't imagine I ever will, so this is strictly for paper and steel.

    Having held both, but not having fired either, I am undecided about which one I really want. I've always wanted a Ruger Precision Rifle, but the cost and lack of appropriate range made it seem silly to me. The RPRimfire seems really just a scaled down, "baby's first" RPR. It feels solid and well put together, but definitely on the heavier side. I enjoy the pistol grip and the handuard, and the adjustable trigger and bolt throw length as a sort of training tool. I very nearly bought one a few weeks ago when my LGS had gotten new stock. Another huge plus is the threaded barrel, as I'd like to finally own a gun I can suppress a little ways down the line. The CZ, however, is a beautiful gun. The second you hold it, you know it's quality and consistency. It's one pound lighter than the RPRimfire, and if I get to shoot from the bench that doesn't much matter, but I suppose it'll add up if I have to shoot offhand for a while. The stock is gorgeous as well. One downside, to me, is that the barrel is not threaded, though I suppose I could have that done by a gunsmith. The giant upside is that it is left handed. As a right handed person that can barely see with his right eye, I would love a bolt action rifle that is left handed. I've been shooting rifles left since I was a little boy, and it would be amazing to not lose my sight picture and natural point of aim every time I want to cycle the bolt. Also, the CZ 455 Synthetic I rented is my idea of a perfect trigger, so if the 452 is even close, I will be so happy.

    So, what do you think? All opinions appreciated, especially on areas I've overlooked. If you have other recommendations, I'd also love to hear them. Thank you kindly!
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    Default Re: Ruger Precision Rimfire vs CZ 452 Left Handed; Help Me Decide Which To Buy Please

    Under $1000 you'd be hard pressed to find a better gun than the CZ. If you do, you won the lottery. The trigger between the 452 and 455 is different but you can buy shims for the 452 to get you in the 1lb range.


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    Default Re: Ruger Precision Rimfire vs CZ 452 Left Handed; Help Me Decide Which To Buy Please

    As a left eye dominant right hander, I would go with the left handed rifle. The fact that CZs are typically beautiful is a bonus. I have several LH bolt actions, and they are the way to go.
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    Default Re: Ruger Precision Rimfire vs CZ 452 Left Handed; Help Me Decide Which To Buy Please

    CZ and I'm a pretty big Ruger fan boy. It's probably the best .22 for the money on the market.

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    Default Re: Ruger Precision Rimfire vs CZ 452 Left Handed; Help Me Decide Which To Buy Please

    I can't speak to the Ruger because I've never shot one, but I own a CZ 452 Trainer. It's a fantastic rifle. Very, very accurate. Can't recommend it enough.
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    Default Re: Ruger Precision Rimfire vs CZ 452 Left Handed; Help Me Decide Which To Buy Please

    I'm a huge Ruger fan also (I collect and show my Six series collection with the Ruger Owners and Collectors Society (ROCS) but the CZ rimfires are one of the best around. I know of several excellent long distance shooters and they all have CZ .22s as their training/practice rifles. In your case, I would go with the LH CZ (although I am going to get a Ruger Precision Rimfire soon to go with my RPR to use as a long distance practice rifle.)
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